101 in 1001



Thanks to Mackenzie at Design Darling, I have been inspired to create a list of 101 tasks I want to complete in 1001 days (or 2.75 years). I have never been one for New Year’s resolutions; do you really need a new year to do something new? Yet, here I am creating this list at the beginning of the new year. I have made this list with professional, personal, health conscious and just for fun goals. Turns out, I am a list making person and to-do lists truly motivate me. In fact, after completing this list yesterday, I have already made steps to completing a number of these goals! I cannot wait to share with you all as the year progresses. Do you guys have a 101 in 1001 list or what about a 25 before 25?

101 in 1001 //

1. Finish this list
2. Make more consciously healthy eating decisions
3. Finish Doctor Who
4. Run a 5K
5. Run a mile a day for two weeks
6. Complete “Jesus Calling”
7. Blog consistently for a month
8. Read 1 book per month…just for fun!
9. Take a self-defense class
10. Attend a Broadway play
11. Take a day to be a DC tourist; remember why I fell in love with this city
12. Go to a professor’s office hours; make those connections!
13. Stop drinking soda
14. Find a new study location
15. Follow the Pinterest study plan
16. Work on my posture
17. Learn to cook a few basic recipes
18. Take a photography class
19. Invest in a fashion classic
20. Spend a night in the City
21. Go to television show taping
22. Buy someone else’s coffee
23. Become a recurring donor to a charity
24. Read a news source everyday for three weeks
25. Be more intentional about friendships
26. Go to a conference
27. Memorize the countries of the world
28. Take a road trip
29. Go to a Georgetown basketball game
30. Go to a Redskins football game
31. Take a cycling class
32. Run in the Tiffany’s women’s half marathon
33. Be more positive
34. Wear my glasses everyday for a month
35. Get a headshot
36. Design and buy my own business cards
37. Memorize order of the books in the Bible
38. Read the 4 Gospels
39. Complete the Live Dead devotional
40. Work on my watercolor technique
41. Complete a DIY project
42. Memorize a verse for each week for three months
43. Read a classic novel
44. Buy a classic LBD
45. Learn a simple, daily makeup routine
46. Go to a fancy event
47. Revamp my résumé
48. Complete the 30-Day Shred
49. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a week
50. Do a photo challenge
51. Get new music
52. Stop swearing
53. Complete a sewing project
54. Turn off my electronics for a weekend
55. Redo my Linked-in profile
56. Walk through Central Park
57. Try a new cuisine
58. Have a fancy brunch
59. Take my mom out for a spa day
60. Start a savings plan
61. Write an article somewhere
62. Decorate my apartment
63. Go meatless for a month
64. Stop reading horoscopes
65. Attend SXSW
66. Become a morning person
67. Go on a picnic
68. Send 25 handwritten notes
69. Take a Little for PSP
70. Attend (or throw) a dinner party
71. Volunteer once a month
72. Be more intentional about my faith
73. Go skinny-dipping
74. Complete a juice cleanse
75. Wear red lipstick just because I can
76. Study abroad
77. Learn how to make a French pastry
78. Become fluent in French
79. Learn Swahili
80. Go 1 month without Starbucks
81. Do a high-risk adventure i.e. skydive or zip-line
82. Pay is forward for someone
83. Go out makeup less one time
84. Update my passport photo
85. Always go to Paris
86. Run through downtown DC
87. Attend a local festival
88. Find my style
89. Have a photo shoot
90. Go thrift shopping
91. Grow my hair past my shoulder
92. Buy a great pair of pumps
93. Buy a new piece of jewelry
94. Find a doctor, dentist, etc. in DC
95. Visit a theme park like Disney World!
96. Redesign my website
97. Go to a poetry slam
98. Go to a Cowboys game with my dad
99. Be more knowledgable about U.S. politics
100. Send flowers to my mom
101. Put $10 into saving for each completed task


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